The Kelpies in New York City.

As seen on the cover of Bottomless Pit’s “Shade Perennial,” a pair of 1:10 design models for Andy Scott’s equine sculpture The Kelpies can be found in New York City’s Bryant Park between now and April 22.

Two weeks only: Upgrade your original “Libertine” order.

Trust me, things are far calmer at Comedy Minus One HQ than they were four weeks ago!

The several hundred copies of our definitive 2×12″ + Cd re-issue of Silkworm’s Libertine that you pre-ordered have shipped to every possible corner of the globe well in advance of the May 5, 2014 release date.

Our warehouse/living room no longer houses all the boxes of t-shirts, bonus 12″s and photo prints that gathered over the past year.

Well, almost all of them…

Several of you have reached out during the past month to ask if there was any way to “upgrade” your Libertine purchases after the fact.

There wasn’t then.

There is now!

If you want to add a SKWM t-shirt (a dark heather-colored Gildan 64000) to your original order, you can do so for $20 + shipping. Please email to arrange.

If you want to order a new Libertine/SKWM shirt combo, you can do so for $40 + shipping. Please click here to reserve.

If you want to upgrade your original order to include a Libertine/SKWM shirt/bonus 12″/photo print/sticker/two hours of live downloads bundle, the price will vary depending on the original level you’re starting from. Please email to arrange.

A warning: Just six full packages remain.

This will be your final, final, final chance.

Can’t stress that enough.

You’ve got two weeks.

On April 15 the shirt total will be tallied and a new run of shirts will be produced by Pittsburgh’s Commonwealth Press.

Orders will then ship as soon as said shirts arrive.

Jon Solomon
Comedy Minus One

Bottomless Pit live on KEXP.

Photo: KEXP Instagram feed

Bottomless Pit played live on Seattle’s KEXP earlier today. The band performed four songs from their most recent full-length “Shade Perennial“: “Fleece” and “Sacred Trench” followed by an interview, before concluding their visit with “Horse Trading” and “Felt A Little Left.”

Audio of their 2008 KEXP performance can be found here.

Bottomless Pit on the West Coast next week.


Bottomless Pit visit the West Coast for just the second time ever next week. Updated tour dates, including Facebook event invites for you to share can be found below.

Wednesday, February 26 – Bootleg Theater – Los Angeles, CA – RSVP
With Kinski.

Thursday, February 27 – Bottom Of The Hill – San Francisco, CA – RSVP
With Kinski. Part of Noise Pop 2014.

Friday, February 28 – Mississippi Studios – Portland, OR – RSVP
With Kinski & Chris Brokaw.

Saturday, March 1 – Live on KEXP – 3:00 pm PT

Saturday, March 1 – Sunset Tavern – Seattle, WA – RSVP
With Kinski & Bali Girls.

Monday, March 3 – Biltmore Cabaret – Vancouver, BC – RSVP
With Joel R.L. Phelps & Kinski.
Guest DJ Darcy Hancock of Ladyhawk.

“Roland” by Minutes is out today!

Surprise! The second full-length album by Kalamazoo’s Minutes is out TODAY. It is called “Roland” (cmo027) and it is wonderful.

This record can now be officially obtained through all of your preferred digital providers.

iTunes : eMusic : Rhapsody : Amazon : Google Play

We have a limited number of physical LPs for sale in the Comedy Minus One shop. Order a copy here.

“The only negative here is that the band has been around for a while, and I missed them. Don’t make the same mistake.”Cabildo Quarterly

“That there be no mistake, these guys…are not here to offer an anthology of past glories, but offer direct universe, consisting of short titles and contagious. Spontaneous compositions as their joy of playing transpire on all pieces, chained themselves to the speed of light, without hollow or musical lengths. Members let go brilliantly on their instruments, and light voices are bursting with freshness, despite sometimes dark lyrics.”MOWNO (after being run through Google Translate)

For more on “Roland,” please direct your attention to this post or scroll further down the Comedy Minus One blog…



After a six+ month manufacturing delay that involved going through two separate pressing plants and five different sets of test pressings (pictured above), I am happy to announce that as of this morning the vinyl for Comedy Minus One’s 2×12″ re-issue of the Silkworm album “Libertine” has finally been APPROVED.

With jackets, labels, inserts and the like already at the plant it is my sincere hope that you will see your records soon.

Thank you once again for your patience and good humor. This has taken longer than any of us ever expected but the end is in sight!

Jon Solomon
Comedy Minus One

A Memorial Electric Co.


Songs: Molina – A Memorial Electric Co. paid tribute to the late Jason Molina at The Hideout in Chicago last weekend, with Tim Midyett and Andy Cohen of Bottomless Pit joining the band for a trio of songs.

Below you’ll find video of “The Big Game Is Every Night” and “The Dark Don’t Hide It” / “Talk To Me Devil, Again.”

Audio of the full show was also captured by NYC Taper, who has made it available for free download with permission here.

“Roland” by Minutes coming January 2014!

Details on Comedy Minus One’s first release for next year. Cover art above. LP-opener below. Plenty of words in-between…

Kalamazoo’s Minutes started playing music together in the summer of 2008. The band began as an outlet for songs written by each of the four members – Chafe Hensley,
Mark Larmee, Ike Turner and Ryan Nelson.

Minutes are one of those bands, one that switches around on stage, but they try really hard not to be too show-offy about it.

Their eponymous first record was very well-received, with Pocket Jury writing:

“For a debut album so steeped in the lore of independent music and pleasantly reminiscent of past greats such as Mission of Burma, Archers of Loaf or Vitreous Humor, Minutes has an embarrassment of incredible moments and terrific ideas of its own.”

After a couple of years of contemplation, writing, and family-raising, Minutes reconvened in the basement in July of 2013 to record “Roland.”

The album was recorded over a furious week, fueled by LaCroix and pizza, Ricola and mad tape hiss, and a general sense that THESE GUYS REALLY LIKE HANGING OUT WITH EACH OTHER.

Although Minutes set out to record a longer album than their first (“Roland” does have twelve songs!) they didn’t quite get there and somehow shortened it by nearly two minutes.

The album is named after Larmee’s dog Roland, who passed on right after the recording of the record. Roland (the dog) was at every single Minutes band practice. EVER. Do you know how significant that is? Super significant! He was their buddy, their confidant, and was way, way into licking sweat off of the drummers’ legs after a hot rock session. He’ll be missed.

Comedy Minus One is handling the worldwide digital distribution for “Roland” (cmo027), which will be available on January 27, 2014. If this is the first time Minutes is hitting your radar, thank you for your interest in their little corner of the world.

Notes of note:

-The Michigan Independent Network (MIN) will be releasing this album on actual vinyl in a limited run of 500 copies. Comedy Minus One is already stocking this title in our shop, shipping ASAP. Preorder a copy here.

-Minutes’ Ryan Nelson has previously been/presently is a member of Beauty Pill (Dischord) Most Secret Method (Superbad/Slowdime) and Soccer Team (Dischord).

-Minutes will be playing a couple of shows in the next year to celebrate the release of this album. Stay tuned.

The Watery Percentages.

Mr. Kyle Sowash (of The Kyle Sowashes) and friends formed Silkworm tribute band The Watery Percentages for a Halloween show at the Tree Bar in Columbus, Ohio. Thankfully someone was on hand to record the set and now you can enjoy it both above and below.

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Bottomless Pit’s “Shade Perennial” out today.

Bottomless Pit’s third full-length album “Shade Perennial” (cmo026) can now be officially purchased in both record stores and through all of your preferred digital providers.

iTunes : eMusic : Rhapsody : Amazon : Google Play

You can read up on the Chicago quartet’s latest record while you listen. Both Color Is Its Own Reward and New City have interviews with members of Bottomless Pit about “Shade Perennial.”

Order a physical vinyl copy direct from Comedy Minus One here. Includes a complimentary compact disc in lieu of a download code.

Also available from Carrot Top, Matador Direct and Revolver.

For 2013 Midwestern and 2014 Pacific Coast tour dates, either click here or just keep scrolling down.