“America is a country of second chances.”

Who said that originally?

Someone who more than likely did something pretty terrible once, I’d imagine.

Since we picked up ~300 gorgeous SKWM t-shirts at Commonwealth Press, it has been alarming how many people have seen the above image and asked how they could get said garment, oblivious to the two month preorder we had been constantly promoting.

Thus, Comedy Minus One is offering a one week SECOND CHANCE for those who missed out on our 2×12″ + Cd reissue of Silkworm’s “Libertine.” You have until the morning of Monday, July 15.

The “Libertine” 2×12″ + Shirt bundle ($40) can be ordered HERE for the next seven days. Please indicate your shirt size in the form when purchasing.

The “Libertine” 2×12″ + Shirt + More bundle ($75) can be ordered HERE. Only five of these deluxe packages remain. You’ll receive a download code for nearly two hours of live quartet Silkworm recordings shortly after splurging on this package.

Please understand that by ordering during this timeframe, your records/shirts/etc will ship after the original group of preorders are filled. This is expected to be in 4-6 weeks, barring issues with forthcoming test pressings.

For frequent unsolicited production updates on “Libertine,” please visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter.

10 responses to “One week only: A Silkworm second chance!

  1. Hello,
    I know you said the pre-orders will go out sooner than the regular release date, but when should I expect it?

  2. hello again,
    i’m just wondering if there is any news on the super deluxe ship date. Only asking because it’s been 8 weeks since the 4-6 week ship mark. Not being impatient though. I just want to know if i should keep an eye out for the shipment.
    thanks again for making such a great reissue for a truly great band that is criminally underrated.
    T. minarchick

  3. Hello!

    Unfortunately there were serious issues with the first batch of test pressings that needed to be resolved. The sequence had to start again from scratch with new lacquers being cut.

    Waiting on a second run of tests that hopefully will be clean. Check the CMO Facebook page for more frequent production updates! – JS

  4. hello again,
    i have not received any download code or e-mail for the live recordings. I was definitely charges in June or July though. Did these emails already go out and do you have an idea when the package with the records/cd’s/shirt/etc. will ship?

  5. Thank you for getting in touch. Your email was the lone address to bounce when the download codes went out. Tried to send a message to your Facebook account when I had no other way to get in touch but did not hear back.

  6. Mike,

    Can you email me? I don’t show you as having purchased the package that comes with a download.

    The records are getting closer. There’s one final test pressing hurdle I hope to have news on shortly. Keep an eye on the CMO Facebook page for production updates.



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