Today marks the midway point in Comedy Minus One’s three-tiered preorder program for our reissue of Silkworm’s 1994 album “Libertine.”

In addition to options that include simply the vinyl + CD ($20) and the record/CD + a vintage shirt reconstructed ($40), there is a third level where for $75 you will receive…

-A copy of the “Libertine” 2×12″ + CD.
-A black “SKWM” t-shirt in a size of your choosing.
-A frame-able print of a band photo taken by Mike Hoffman, Jr.
-A bonus white label 12″ including “The Marco Collins Sessions” and two other songs.
-A sticker.


-A “bootleg” .zip consisting of nearly two hours of previously unheard high quality live renditions of “Libertine”-era songs from the quartet.

Since this project was announced, several questions have hit our inbox about these recordings. Hopefully the following paragraphs cover all required answers. The lion’s share of the songs are 192 kbps files digitized off the original cassettes. They will be mastered slightly by Mr. Matthew Barnhart to even out the audio levels from track to track.

Every song but one from “Libertine” is represented – 16 tracks containing 21 individual numbers. If more tapes are unearthed we’ll add to what’s already planned. Should you have recordings in your possession, please step forward!

For the first time, here is a list of all the assembled “Libertine Live” tracks.

In addition to the stream of “Grotto Of Miracles” that was posted when this project was announced last month, a live version of “Yen + Janet Forever” has been added as of today.

Live at Lounge Ax – Chicago, IL – April 15, 1994
“Cotton Girl” / “Grotto Of Miracles” / “Yen + Janet Forever”

Live at Empty Bottle – Chicago, IL – May 15, 1994
“Cotton Girl” / “There Is A Party In Warsaw Tonight” / “Couldn’t You Wait?” / “A Tunnel” / “Wild In My Day” / “Bloody Eyes” / “Grotto Of Miracles” / “Written On The Wind” / “Yen + Janet Forever”

Live at Double Door – Chicago, IL – July 1994
“The Cigarette Lighters” (band bails midway through)

Live at The Casbah – San Diego, CA – Date Unknown
“Yen + Janet Forever” / “A Tunnel” / “Wild In My Day” / “Couldn’t You Wait?” / “There Is A Party In Warsaw Tonight”

Source Unknown – 1994
“Yen + Janet Forever”

Ein Heit reunion show – Sit & Spin – Seattle, WA – May 8, 1998
“Written On The Wind” / “Grotto Of Miracles”

Remember, this preorder runs until June 11. At which time “Libertine Live” and all the other premiums will no longer be available.

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