Mint Mile - "The Bliss Point" | cmo037

12" - $12

Track Listing:

    Side A:
  1. City of Speed Traps
  2. Bellflower
    Side B:
  1. Park
  2. Youngold

The Bliss Point is the second EP by Mint Mile.

The record was made in Chicago with some crucial bits applied in Portland, Oregon.

We like four-song EPs because we cannot bury a song in the middle of Side B. Nothing is transitional. Everything either leads off or finishes an experience.

We are on an endless search for the optimal conditions of existence. Comfort, companionship, warmth. Gentle insistence. A lack of manufacture. To convince ourselves that we are alive and we make the most of our time. To fail to regret, to avoid the sense on our deathbeds (if we’re lucky and have them) that we spent too much time focused on the wrong things. To be not always distracted, not always preoccupied, but if lost to lose ourselves in love and joy. To take in the world raw, as wide and wonderous and ugly and terrific as it is.

So that’s what this record is about.

Hope you enjoy it.

Tim Midyett
Chicago 2016

MM on this record is:

Tim Midyett (Silkworm, Bottomless Pit) – vocals, baritone guitars electric and acoustic, piano, bass on Youngold, ARP, writing, some engineering and mixing.

Matthew Barnhart (Tre Orsi) – bass except Youngold, most engineering and mixing.

Jeff Panall (Songs: Ohia) – drums.

Andy Cohen (Silkworm, Bottomless Pit) – regular electric guitar.

Howard Draper (Tre Orsi) – lap steel on Speed/Bellflower/Park, organ, that burbly broken synth on Youngold.

Justin Brown (Palliard) – steel guitar on Park/Youngold.

Limited to 500 copies. Comes with a download code. Do not worry.

Released November 18, 2016.