Silkworm - "Libertine" | 019

2x12" + cd - $22

Libertine - Silkworm

Track Listing:

    Side A:
  1. There Is A Party In Warsaw Tonight
  2. Grotto Of Miracles
  3. Cotton Girl
    Side B:
  1. Yen + Janet Forever
  2. Oh How We Laughed
  3. The Cigarette Lighters
    Side C:
  1. Couldn't You Wait?
  2. A Tunnel
  3. Written On The Wind
    Side D:
  1. Wild In My Day
  2. Bloody Eyes


“Very few bands make even one great album. Silkworm made several, and this is the first.”Steve Albini

Comedy Minus One’s long-overdue deluxe reissue of Silkworm’s out-of-print 1994 album “Libertine,” the third and final full-length record by the band as a quartet.

This is a double 12″ pressing with a supplementary CD including “The Marco Collins Sessions” as well as two additional recordings from the band’s time at Pachyderm Studio.

Includes all-new artwork throughout plus a full color insert with liner notes by Silkworm’s Tim Midyett.

Mastered from the original 1/2″ tapes by Bob Weston at Chicago Mastering Service.

Pressed on 150 gram 45 rpm vinyl.

Released May 5, 2014.