Obits - "“I Can’t Lose” / “Military Madness”" | 013

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"I Can't Lose" / "Military Madness" - Obits

Track Listing:

    Side A:
  1. I Can't Lose
    Side B:
  1. Military Madness


NEW YORK – Stint Records #ST-72, Obits’ generous offering for Record Store Day 2009: “I Can’t Lose” b/w “Military Madness.” Two songs for future children to sing. Children will be conceived just to give a voice to these tunes. If you were too poor or too high to buy Obits’ genius first single, here’s your chance. Don’t blow it. This band even makes Graham Nash sound like he’s waving our flag. There’s a reason they call some drugs “recreational.” Now get with it.

– Lonnie Manx, Stint Records