The Obits were an American rock’n’roll band from Brooklyn, New York who first started playing together in late 2005.

Singer/guitarist Rick Froberg was in Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes, and guitarist/singer Sohrab Habibion was in Edsel and now plays in SAVAK with Greg Simpson, the bass player of Obits.

Scott Gursky, formerly of DC’s Shortstack, was the drummer on the first two albums, and Alexis Fleisig (Bellini, Girls Against Boys, Soulside) was the drummer on the last three 7”s and final LP.

Three of the group’s five 7” singles and all three LPs, I Blame You (2009), Moody, Standard and Poor (2011) and Bed and Bugs (2013), were released by the Seattle-based record label, Sub Pop.

The Obits played throughout North America for six years, as well as touring Europe eight times, Australia twice, and going to Brazil and Japan before playing their final show on December 31, 2014 in New York City.