Eleventh Dream Day

Eleventh Dream Day began with a gleam in the eye at the 1069 Bardstown Road punk rock think tank in Louisville, Kentucky circa 1983.

Rick Rizzo somehow convinced drummer Janet Beveridge Bean to move to Chicago where they formed the group and later tied the knot. Demos ensued which struck the fancy of international hipsters, later followed by the entrance of bass thumper/fly fisherman Doug McCombs and guitarist/ body-builder Baird Figi. They released an EP and the full length cluster muck that is Prairie School Freakout, the record that enticed Atlantic Records to send out their top A&R rep to lure the band into a seven record deal.

Three records later, after much sightseeing, sonic adventure, Baird’s goodbye, Wink O’Bannon’s mood swing in and out of the band, and cheese sampling, the band threw themselves into semi-retirement where they reside today, releasing an occasional record (eight more!) ,playing canasta, and shooing kids off the lawn.

Rizzo, Bean, and McCombs with Mark Greenberg and James Elkington are the current group responsible for Works For Tomorrow, the latest stab at arranging musical notes to please the masses.