Our friend Karl Hendricks died in January 2017. He was 46.

Karl was one of the best songwriters of this generation (or any other) but he was an even better father than he was a musician, and a thorough inspiration to many as a husband, dad, artist and business owner who carried himself with a quiet dignity through some unspeakably lousy times.

This collection of Karl Hendricks covers (with artwork by Dana Lechtenberg) is our perpetual tribute to the “bard of Pittsburgh.”

Some tracks come via dear friends, others from people who just loved the music of The Karl Hendricks Trio.

They’re arranged by artist alphabetically as a nod to something Karl said about there being two perfect inventions in the whole world: “the wheel and the alphabet.”

New songs will be added as they are completed and I hope that people will come across this page and be inspired to record their own.

Including you.

All proceeds from this digital compilation will go to Karl’s wife and children.

You can purchase “The Wheel and the Alphabet: A Tribute to Karl Hendricks”¬†here, where you will also find additional information about¬†each artist and their song.

Jon Solomon / Comedy Minus One