As you likely have gleaned by now, Comedy Minus One has been working on a deluxe reissue of Silkworm’s third album “Libertine” which will be released later in 2013.

There are going to be several preorder tiers for this 2×12″, one of which shall include a download of live recordings from the band in their quartet form.

Tracking down live versions of songs found on “Libertine” has been an incredible pleasure, yet two dead ends have developed.

This may be a long shot, but if you have leads on performances of “The Cigarette Lighters” and/or “Oh How We Laughed,” please get in touch.

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  1. Hey guys, I am too late because this is already done and I heard about it on the Bottomless Pit email list and am so excited and am gonna order the $75 version soon as I get paid. And I never taped Silkworm live anyway, except for one time but that didn’t count. And I haven’t got any Libertine-era recordings anyway, just lots of third-hand copies of post-Libertine bootlegs. But the point is that last year I went on a SKWM concert binge and listened to all of them and flagged my favorite songs from each show and put together a massive, 2-disc, crappy-sounding live mix, something like 28 songs from 14 different shows. Most were from cassette trades, and some I only had as mysterious, long-ago-acquired mp3 files. It’s all pretty shady. Did this for my own enjoyment and never gave out copies cuz I figured who would want one anyway. But now there’s the bootleg stuff with the Silkworm doc and the Libertine reissue, so perhaps? So if you or the band members wanna listen, drop a line and I’ll upload it somewhere.

    I’m also just hearing about this long-lost Eleventh Dream Day album. You guys are on fire. If there’s an email list, put me on it. The blog thing is fine but I’m gonna forget to come back. Cheers.

  2. Hello! Just read this – I would love to hear your collection! Is it available on the internet?
    Thank you!!!
    Eric – Bellingham, WA

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